Alberto Ramon, Author, The Logic of Chance, I Ching Interpretation

Alberto Ramon

Alberto Ramon, MS in Engineering, worked as an Industrial Engineer, Computer Programmer, and professor of Computer Science.

He also studied Eastern philosophies, Carl Jung, Quantum Physics, Systems Theory, Critical Thinking, and the I Ching system.

He is the author of “The Logic of Chance – A New Approach to I Ching Interpretation for Decision Making,” a guide with many real-life and fully interpreted readings. The website/blog for his book is http://TheLogicOfChance.com.

He is also the Coordinator of the Diablo Chapter of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

Mr. Ramon helps his clients make the best possible decisions on business, career, and personal issues. He resides in Northern California. His contact information is Idecide123@yahoo.com, (510) 223-4376.