In this blog you will find many I Ching readings that I have done for my clients so they could access their intuition and make the best possible decisions on business and personal issues. The hexagram meanings used in the readings are the most applicable meanings taken from the dictionary of the 64 hexagrams that is included in my book Wise Decisions with the I ChingThis book explains a new approach to I Ching interpretation for decision making and includes 85 real-life and fully explained readingsAll these readings utilize the texts from the classical translation The I Ching or Book of Changes by Wilhelm/Baynes with a foreword by Carl G. JungThe text of that book can be read online at http://www.pantherwebworks.com/I_Ching/.

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Should I retire now or continue working for another year?

Roxanne had a choice to retire, with the consequent loss of income, or stay for another year in a job that she loved but was stressful and often required very long hours. When she asked the above question, the result was hexagram 44, “Coming to Meet,” finding, meeting needs, and hexagram 28, “Preponderance of the Great,” unbalanced, intolerable, unsustainable. Putting both hexagrams together, the following phrase is formed: “Find something that meets your needs to avoid an unsustainable and unbearable situation.” The image of hexagram 28 says: “The superior man, when he stands alone, is unconcerned, and if he has to renounce the world, is undaunted,” an advice to retire and not to worry. Roxanne decided to retire and, at the right time, look for a part-time job that would be fulfilling and, along with her pension, would satisfy her financial needs.

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Is it best for me to get a part-time job as a resource specialist?

Roxanne was already retired and was considering getting a part-time job similar to the full-time job she had before. The response she got to this question consisted of hexagram 51, “The Arousing (Shock, Thunder)” and hexagram 16, “Enthusiasm.”  The first hexagram stands in this case for awakening and becoming aware. Putting both hexagrams together forms this phrase: “Be aware of what jobs you can be enthusiastic about.” This response does not directly answer the question because it’s not about getting (a job).  It’s about making Roxanne aware that there could be other jobs that she would also love to do.

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Should my website include a blog?

Having decided to create a website, I was not sure whether it would be necessary to include a blog in it. So I asked the above question. The response consisted of hexagram 1, “The Creative,” creativity, activity and hexagram 3, “Difficulty at the Beginning,” creating, producing. So the theme of the reading is: “Use your creativity to produce (content).” Continue reading

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Should we buy a new house or just the land?

Rebecca and Bob were not sure whether to buy a new house or just the land upon which they could build a house to their liking.  So they asked, “Considering all the pros and cons, is it preferable to buy a new house or just the land?”  The response was hexagram 31, “Influence,” attraction, fascination, requesting, making an offer. Continue reading

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Is there any urgency to sell my property?

Richard, who resided in Florida, needed to sell his house in Mexico City. Eventually, he was contacted by a prospective buyer with a reasonable offer. Anxious to close the transaction, he accepted a down payment and planned a trip to Mexico to complete the sale without realizing that he would be greatly inconvenienced by having to be absent from his workplace and cancel important commitments. Having second thoughts about the urgency of the transaction, he asked the above question. He obtained hexagram 34, “The Power of the Great,” power, capability, being able, being forced and hexagram 63, “After Completion,” completed, done. The theme they form is not about urgency. It basically says, “You have the power to complete the transaction.” Continue reading

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Shall I take this apartment?

Sherri had been looking for an apartment to rent for some time. She finally found an attractive unit but it was very highly priced. Undecided, she asked, “Please advise me on the correct action to take for this particular apartment.” She obtained hexagram 53, “Gradual Development,” process and hexagram 14, “Possessions in Great Measure,” place, having. By combining both meanings, the theme of the reading is: “You have to go through a process to find the right place.” Continue reading

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Planning a trip to India

Clarence had a very active life and was thinking about taking a trip to India but was not sure if it would be a good idea, considering his physical condition and the fact that he was 86 years old.  So he asked, “Will I be in good condition to go to India in a few months?” He obtained hexagram 51, “The Arousing,” hectic, agitation and hexagram 54, “The Marrying Maiden,” engaged in, busy with. By combining the most relevant meanings the following theme can be formed:  “Given the hectic activity that you are engaged in,” which can also be expressed as: “You are engaged in hectic activity.” Continue reading

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What is the state of my health?

Clarence obtained hexagram 62, “Preponderance of the Weak,” exceeding, overdoing, going too far, beyond and hexagram 47, “Oppression (Exhaustion),” depletion. By combining both meanings this theme is formed: “If you go beyond your limits, you’ll deplete your health.” Continue reading

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Should I teach this class?

Raymond was a community college instructor who taught computer courses.  Due to low enrollment, he was asked by the department chair to teach a class of a different type, “Technical Drawing,” which he had studied a long time ago in college. Concerned about his ability to teach that course, he inquired, “What decision should I make about the chair’s proposal?” 

Continue reading

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