What is the state of my health?

Clarence obtained hexagram 62, “Preponderance of the Weak,” exceeding, overdoing, going too far, beyond and hexagram 47, “Oppression (Exhaustion),” depletion. By combining both meanings this theme is formed: “If you go beyond your limits, you’ll deplete your health.”

The second moving line says, “He does not reach his prince and meets the official. No blame.” This advises to exercise restraint. The third moving line says, “If one is not extremely careful, somebody may come up from behind and strike him,” which warns about the consequences of being careless. The fifth moving line says, “The prince shoots and hits him who is in the cave.” This says that Clarence could still attain his goal. The image of hexagram 47 says, “Thus the superior man stakes his life on following his will.” This text advised him to pursue his goals. Taking the texts into account, the whole answer is: “Despite your delicate condition, if you are careful and know how to pace yourself, you can fulfill your heart’s desire,” which goes beyond answering the original question. Based on these readings, Clarence decided to postpone his trip to India. He took the trip a few years later. (Note: This reading has an indirect answer but is placed here for continuity.)

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