Life is complex and full of changes. We can’t expect to make important decisions as if they were problems in a math class. There are usually too many unknowns. The logical approach works only when we have complete and adequate information at hand. That is not the case in a complicated and unpredictable world, with not enough information or too much to sort through. Fortunately, we all have a magnificent inner guidance system that can be easily and immediately accessed. It is called intuition.

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Alberto Ramon


  1. Rafael says:

    I have enlisted the help of Alberto when faced with important decisions for which my usual analytical approach doesn’t quite work. His insights have been extremely helpful, providing me with alternatives I failed to consider that turned out to work much better than my preferred solutions. This has been the case in matters related to the selling of my house, relocation, financial decisions and, more recently, my health. I am most grateful for his support.


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