Should I teach this class?

Raymond was a community college instructor who taught computer courses.  Due to low enrollment, he was asked by the department chair to teach a class of a different type, “Technical Drawing,” which he had studied a long time ago in college. Concerned about his ability to teach that course, he inquired, “What decision should I make about the chair’s proposal?” 

The response consisted only of hexagram 29, “The Abysmal,” taking a risk, danger. This hexagram provided the theme of the reading: “Taking a risk by teaching something not totally familiar to you.” The judgment and the image are positive. The judgment says, “If you are sincere, you have success in your heart, and whatever you do succeeds.”  The image says, significantly, “The superior man walks in lasting virtue and carries on the business of teaching.” This is an affirmative answer. It says that in spite of the risks involved, if Raymond was truly dedicated he could succeed. So he accepted the offer and was able to teach the class without any problem.

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