What type of work should I pursue now?

Alicia had been working as a technician and also doing administrative work at a high-tech company. However, due to personal disagreements with some co-workers, she was told her position would be terminated. She was anxious to know what type of work she should be pursuing next. She obtained hexagram 7, “The Army,” fighting for, campaign and hexagram 32, “Duration,” keeping, staying the course, persistence. By combining both meanings the theme of the reading is: “Fight for your rights (sue the company). Your campaign (job search) will require persistence. Stay the course”

Line 3 says, “Perchance the army carries corpses in the wagon. Misfortune.” This line refers to an unfortunate situation, in this case, the loss of her job. Line 4 says, “The army retreats. No blame.” This line refers not just to withdrawing, but to doing so in the most convenient terms. The image in hexagram 32 says, “The superior man does not change his direction,” which advises to seek similar type of work. The image in hexagram 7 says, “The superior man increases his masses by generosity toward the people.” This may refer to a very good settlement with her former employer. It also implies being hired and helping people. Alicia sued the company for discrimination and, as a result, received a large severance payment. Then she embarked on a long and difficult job search. Eventually, she found an administrative position at a major university assisting students.

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