Why am I losing clients?

Tamara owned a very successful gym. However, she had been losing clients lately. So she asked, “Why am I losing clients?” She obtained hexagram 49, “Revolution,” change, replacement and hexagram 55, “Abundance,” many. The combination of both symbols yields this theme: “By replacing your gym with another, people get many services (in comparison).

There are many (competitors).” She found out that in fact there were many other gyms offering more services for the same price or less. Line 4 in hexagram 49 says, “Changing the form of government brings good fortune.” This refers to the need to reorganize and innovate to stay ahead of the competition. The image of hexagram 55 says, “Thus the superior man decides lawsuits and carries out punishments.” So Tamara sued the competitors who were illegally offering her proprietary products or using similar business names.

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