Is this financial software a good tool for me to increase my wealth?

On the spur of the moment, Sharon bought a costly software package for making money by buying and selling stocks during a financial presentation. Since she had a week to change her mind and return it, she asked the above question. She obtained hexagram 45,“Gathering Together,” acquiring, amassing, and collecting. The theme of this reading was obviously “Acquired.” It did not advise buying the software; it simply stated the current situation because the purchase was already made. The meaning “amassing” indicates that the product could be used to amass wealth. The image says, “The superior man renews his weapons in order to meet the unforeseen.” This is a warning about the work that would be required in order to deal with unknown situations.” In other words, the software was a good tool but would take dedication and the results could not always be guaranteed. The response actually answered two questions: whether the product was good and what Sharon could expect from it. A more pointed question would be: “Should I keep this product?,” which she asked next.

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