Shall I take this apartment?

Sherri had been looking for an apartment to rent for some time. She finally found an attractive unit but it was very highly priced. Undecided, she asked, “Please advise me on the correct action to take for this particular apartment.” She obtained hexagram 53, “Gradual Development,” process and hexagram 14, “Possessions in Great Measure,” place, having. By combining both meanings, the theme of the reading is: “You have to go through a process to find the right place.”

This is a general statement advising patience and trust in the process. Line 1 says, “The wild goose gradually draws near the shore,” line 2 says, “The wild goose gradually draws near the cliff,” line 4 says, “The wild goose gradually draws near the tree,” and line 5 says, “The wild goose draws near the summit. For three years the woman has no child.  In the end nothing can hinder her. Good fortune.” The lines indicate different stages of a process which would be finally successful.  None of them advises to take any action. Therefore, the answer was: “Do nothing about this apartment. Continue the process.” Eventually, Sherri found a satisfactory place.

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