Is there any urgency to sell my property?

Richard, who resided in Florida, needed to sell his house in Mexico City. Eventually, he was contacted by a prospective buyer with a reasonable offer. Anxious to close the transaction, he accepted a down payment and planned a trip to Mexico to complete the sale without realizing that he would be greatly inconvenienced by having to be absent from his workplace and cancel important commitments. Having second thoughts about the urgency of the transaction, he asked the above question. He obtained hexagram 34, “The Power of the Great,” power, capability, being able, being forced and hexagram 63, “After Completion,” completed, done. The theme they form is not about urgency. It basically says, “You have the power to complete the transaction.”

Line 2 in hexagram 34 says, “Perseverance brings good fortune.” In other words, persist with the sale. Line 4 says, “Perseverance brings good fortune. Remorse disappears. The hedge opens; there is no entanglement. Power depends upon the axle of a big cart.” This refers to completing the sale. Line 5 says, “Loses the goat with ease. No remorse.” This may refer to flexibility, possibly on the part of the buyer.  The image of hexagram 34 says, “Thus the superior man does not tread upon paths that do not accord with established order.” This may refer to the buyer respecting his previous commitment. Based on this reading, Richard postponed his trip until a more convenient time and the buyer did not object to the delay.

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