What type of company should I consider for my next job?

Monica, a married young woman, quit a very demanding job in a big consulting firm that left her exhausted. She wanted to work under different conditions and wondered what type of company would be most suitable to her. After a brief discussion with me, she categorized the possible companies in three types: big, startup, and non-profit. Then she asked: What type of company should I consider for my next job?

The result consisted of hexagrams 54, “The Marrying Maiden” and 40, “Deliverance.” The applicable meanings are commitment and employment for the first symbol and getting out, becoming free for the second. So the theme of the reading is: “In your employment you should be able to get out.” The first line of hexagram 54 says, “The marrying maiden as a concubine. A lame man who is able to tread. Undertakings bring good fortune.” This is not about quitting. It is about taking a subordinate position that can still be rewarding. This response is not about any of the three alternatives mentioned above. It suggests a better alternative: employment with freedom. Monica found a job with flexible hours at a big high-tech company.

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