Should I retire now or continue working for another year?

Roxanne had a choice to retire, with the consequent loss of income, or stay for another year in a job that she loved but was stressful and often required very long hours. When she asked the above question, the result was hexagram 44, “Coming to Meet,” finding, meeting needs, and hexagram 28, “Preponderance of the Great,” unbalanced, intolerable, unsustainable. Putting both hexagrams together, the following phrase is formed: “Find something that meets your needs to avoid an unsustainable and unbearable situation.” The image of hexagram 28 says: “The superior man, when he stands alone, is unconcerned, and if he has to renounce the world, is undaunted,” an advice to retire and not to worry. Roxanne decided to retire and, at the right time, look for a part-time job that would be fulfilling and, along with her pension, would satisfy her financial needs.

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  1. Roxanne Tesar says:

    I was faced with a very important and difficult decision- was I going to keep working full-time yet another school year, or was I going to retire, collect my pension, and return to work part-time at a later date. I kept going over the pros and cons of both possible decisions. My mind was in a constant turmoil of indecision for months.
    Luckily, a friend suggested I meet with Alberto Ramon, who, I was assured, was an expert in helping people reach important and difficult decisions through his interpretations of the I-Ching. Alberto and I met, and I explained to him that although my job was very stressful (I often worked 10-12 hour days and had trouble sleeping at night), that I also loved many aspects of my job, including the students and staff I worked with.

    Alberto listened very carefully to all I had to say. He then helped me formulate a series of questions that would hopefully guide me to a decision that I would be at peace with. The questions we developed were very specific to my particular situation. Fine-tuning the questions required thought, effort, and insight; actually tossing the I-Ching coins was the easy part.

    Once the coins were tossed, Alberto used his depth of understanding, insight, and intuition to interpret their meaning. Basically, the reading stated that my present job was unsustainable, unbearable, and reaching a breaking point. However, the reading went on to say that I should find a less demanding part-time position in the future that would not only meet my needs professionally and financially, but would also be something I could put my heart and soul into.

    I am now at peace with my decision to retire and have complete faith that when I am ready, I will find the perfect part-time job that -along with my pension- will meet my needs both financially and spiritually.

    I believe Alberto provided me with the best possible guidance, and with that clarity, I am truly at peace with my decision to retire.


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